Customer Success

At Agentek, customer success is our top priority. We want to understand your needs and make your organization successful. We communicate regularly with our customers to ensure they are receiving the value they expect from our software.
“The solution that Agentek designed for us basically mirrored our own workflows, only now they were far more condensed in the form of electronic job orders that were easy to pull up and view. We’ve basically cut our time to bill by half. I can’t overstate the benefits of improving your cash flow when your annual costs are in the billions.”
Charlie Johnson
CIO and Director of Global Deployment
Ingersoll Rand (Trane Parent Company)
“We chose Agentek because they provide the most complete and versatile mobile application and infrastructure in the marketplace today. Customer service excellence has been a cornerstone of LodgeNet's value proposition, and Agentek will help provide a consistent approach to how we communicate with our front line teams to ensure continual delivery of world-class service.”
Steve Pofahl
Senior Vice President of Technical Operations

The Success Program

We work individually with each Agentek customer to understand what constitutes success, and then lay out and commit to a joint plan to achieve it.
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How it Works

Our CEO speaks to each of our customers every six months. They tell us how we’re doing, and we jointly agree on a plan that will deliver success.
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How We’re Doing

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we strive for that in all we do. Currently, our “Report Card” is shared on our executive webinars.
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Success Stories

Hear directly from customers how our commitment to 100% customer success is making an impact on their business.
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